Him And Her II

PART II HER She stood there.     She just stood there. Her eyes wide open. Not even able to blink.  She was staring at the door. It was a few minutes after he barged out of the common room like an angry bull, leaving her speechless and confused. Her friends came next to her […]

Fun and Games

It’s all fun and games until hell breaks loose. ~Anonymous It begins as a whisper. A tiny speck of reality slowly unfolding right before your eyes, with total cluelessness of what is going on, how to react to the said tiny speck of reality. It then gradually increases its momentum and ferocity upon your innocent […]

Ray Of Sunshine

Steps. Not so long, not so short kind of steps. Those kind of steps you walk when the Almighty has showered you with abundant blessings unto your life. Each time the leg rises, you feel as though you are walking on a well-tarmacked road which you personally financed. And as you touch the ground, the […]

Gone South.

I was there. Yes I was there. That evening at around seven,, PM.  I watched in shock:in horror in fact. He was standing in front of the kitchen entrance.  His face was sweaty; his hands were shaky: his somehow swollen feet stood anchored to the ground.  In his right hand, a knife was being tightly […]