Life. Sweet, bitter, hot, cold life. You have brought me here. Here in this land. This foreign land. Life. You have taken me away from what I love. You don’t care about what I choose to do. Sometimes I just have no choice but to go. You have taken me away ,far far away from […]

Ray Of Sunshine

Steps. Not so long, not so short kind of steps. Those kind of steps you walk when the Almighty has showered you with abundant blessings unto your life. Each time the leg rises, you feel as though you are walking on a well-tarmacked road which you personally financed. And as you touch the ground, the […]

Deep Down

People everywhere. Scattered like dry leaves on the ground during the dry season. Different ages, different genders going about their daily lives. An old lady walking slowly with an expensive purse tightly clenched between her armpits, looking around the goods neatly displayed on the sides of the pathways. Just an ordinary human being about her […]

Cheap Thrills

Thank the Almighty. Thank Him fully my fellow humans. I cannot begin to imagine how we would have been without it. The way He created us to his image and likeness; the way our bodies are organized in utmost complexity of which only He knows. But all these complexities, none can be able to match […]

The Longer Walk

It’s funny. Quite funny how twelve whole months stream past you without any warning. Swoosh! From January all the way to December. Like nothing happened, seeming as though you were in a coma immediately the year began and somehow, by God’s amazing grace, as soon as the clock ticks 00:00 on the 31st of December, […]

The Long Walk

Let the water wash away your worries. The sun is slowly setting towards the horizon. I remember the time. Memories never fade they say. They are just stored somewhere behind your already-filled brain, patiently waiting for just a single trigger and snap! The memory proudly slithers from the back of the brains, skillfully meandering through, […]

The Boy Child 

Hellooo! Can anybody hear me. Or am I talking to myself. I think I finally have your attention now. There’s an issue. A really really serious issue that almost no one seems to care about at all. Let me now quickly rewind back the sands of time and safely arrive at the 18th century. Oops, […]