Life. Sweet, bitter, hot, cold life.
You have brought me here.
Here in this land. This foreign land.
Life. You have taken me away from what I love.
You don’t care about what I choose to do. Sometimes I just have no choice but to go.
You have taken me away ,far far away from my home.
My hot, warm, sunny home. My beloved homeland.
Where the sun never ceases to shine.
Where the warm breeze fleets eastwards towards the ocean, carrying with it the dried-up leaves that have withered and hopelessly fallen to the ground.
Where there is laughter from all corners of people close to me.
But most of all:Where she is calmly seated in a noisy matatu. Thinking about me.
Thinking about my return.
But you, Life, have brought me miles: millions and millions of miles away from home.
In a whole different continent.
Different in all ways imaginable.
The weather : ice cold.
Merciless if I may say.
The winters are unbearable here.
Picture this: A drop of ink in the middle of the ocean,
But a man is a man.
Life giveth you lemon:you make lemonade.
I do what I must do,not what I might do.
Gradually, Life, I accept whatever fate you bring upon me.
And soon, very soon, Life, you will see that you give blessings in disguise.

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