The Boy Child 

Hellooo! Can anybody hear me. Or am I talking to myself.

I think I finally have your attention now. There’s an issue. A really really serious issue that almost no one seems to care about at all.

Let me now quickly rewind back the sands of time and safely arrive at the 18th century. Oops, premature arrrival right there. Let’s go back, further back, to be the 16th century. Yes, right there. The 16th century. Somewhere in Africa. Those were the times when Africa was 90% rainforest with a few million people. Now those times the western government didn’t exist. We ruled ourselves through chiefs and kingdoms. But what a terrible time to be alive I tell you. The daily routine for your whole life would be : wake up, farm, go hunting the whole day, come back home, eat and finally sleep. And the cycle continues. And most important of all, protection was a paramount responsibility.How glorious was it for a male child to be born. The joy, the love,not forgetting how the community was hopeful of the future due to the male child. That was the future of each and every male species born during that time. How optimistic it seemed.

And then there were women. The female species. Their cycle was quite simple: Do the household chores and stuff, produce babies, produce babies, and finally produce babies. No say, no nothin. Just a silent, submissive species who no one gave even the slightest of priority. They were literally non existent. Just some children-producing machines, which never get worn out or break down. And the discipline they upheld, epic I tell you. The community at large was responsible for that if a female species decided to misbehave. So I could beat the crap out of your wife as I please if I see her doing ,not unlawful during those times, but uncultural things. As I said earlier, what a terrible time to be alive that was. But mainly for the female species. The male counterparts however,not quite sure if they were basking in glory or just thought that’s how things were supposed to be.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, let’s flash forward the sands of time and boom! We land right back here. The lovely and amazing 21st century. The era of free thinkers and passion followers. But first, let’s take a detour and slowly cruise through the 40s and 50s, a time when the world was at war. Real war. It was a time when the whole of Europe was filled with posters and banners convincing all male child to join the army for the sake of protecting their motherland. It seemed as though the world would unceremoniously end. Just like that. Even we Africans joined in the war. With all we got by the way. And the turn up in their motherland, don’t even ask. European males showed up in large numbers to fight for their countries. With all they got. No wonder there were two World Wars because none was willing to give up.

Now, we were in the 21st century. I don’t even know where to start. I’m trying to think about what went wrong but I’ve not been successful. The era where the tables have turned 360 degrees. The boy child is doomed. Doomed!!!! Very soon we are going to be extinct. And you will miss us when we are gone I’m telling you. The word boy in boy child is slowly fading away with the winds. Women have become more and more superior through the ages and they officially have surpassed the male species hands down. Feminism huh. That’s what I hear it being called. Feminism. Not saying its a bad thing. You deserve it of course. Throughout history, this is the only time when women have almost equal rights with their male counterparts. But, with the 21 St century and all its glories and freedoms, What about us? What about the Boy Child. Have you focused too much on feminism and forgotten about us. Yes you have. The boy child has lost his touch. The level of manness has drastically reduced. It’s funny how a few decades ago, the boy child was busy fighting for their motherland. Now here in this futuristic 21st century, the boy child can weep all night simply because some girl gave her the legendary blue ticks. The boy child can cannot handle responsibility as it was back in the day. Instead of facing them, we run. And run we can. The ways through which the boy child runs away from problems, you will sympathize with them. Drugs and alcohol have become a major escape route from the pressures of society. We feel the need to relieve ourselves from what we term as problems but deep down we know we don’t have any problems. We just scared. Scared that what awaits us in the near future will be one hell of a burden. We all know it, but instead of making our lives straightforward,as of every man should , we shy away. We keep on being told that no one will help you in this life. You need to help yourself. Which is true, I basically agree with that. But come on, don’t you think a little help in choosing the right path would be appreciated? And that’s another problem. I have seen with my own pair of eyes how a family constantly keeps in touch and does all it can to ensure their girl child gets the support she so desires. The said girl child is active and has high hopes for the future.Meanwhile, in that same family, there is a boy child. Seated at the corner, with no clue what he is doing with his life. No one even bothers about him.”He’s a man, he’ll figure it out ” They say. How do you expect him to figure nothing out? When he becomes a nuisance to the society, the way the stories will change you will wonder if people really care about the boy child. The pressure the society puts on us is tremendous. In a good way since its supposed to mould us into proper men which the society can look up to. But in this generation, one can use another alternative to deal with all that. Being high. Higher than the stratosphere. Little dont we know that it’s only a temporary fix. The day after, the problems slowly crawl back to us again. And the cycle continues.

But there’s no time for blame game here. The fact is the boy child has been neglected in levels never seen before. We all know this and it’s as if we are waiting for the complete extinction of the boy child and maybe a new species will emerge from its ashes. A dumb species I presume. But before all that happens, let’s acknowledge the fact that the boy child needs help. Real quick, or else…

And as I was saying earlier how during the world wars people defended their countries, suppose, God forbid, a war breaks out in our motherland, with the levels of YOLO at superhuman levels, no one even imagines that one day we would leave this beautiful world behind: all the pleasures of life. Do you think how many boy children in this generation: my generation, will step forward? If not many who will form a battalion of verbal warriors on social media.

The issue can be discussed for days on end, but still…

Boy Child lives matter.

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