The 14th day of February. As usual, he wakes up at five am, leaving his wife in between the warm sheets. He realises he forgot to switch off the radio the previous night and switches it off. He washes his face with cold water from one of the two basins he and his wife have. No breakfast in mind, he gulps a glassful of milk he bought the previous night. He quickly grabs his black helmet, puts it on his head and walks out of his single roomed house. His motorcycle stands outside his door, ready for a whole day’s work. He wipes the dust from the motorcycle and seats on it. He roars the engine and races of towards the motorcycle stage a few kilometers from his home. It’s the day of love, he tells himself. I must surprise my wife. 

It’s now noon time. He rests under a tree away from the scorching sun. He smiles all by himself for making a ‘good amount ‘ of money. He stares at the road and almost all couples are dressed in red. Two by two, they walk chatting loudly and laughing. He rests for a few minutes and goes back to work. He’s lucky to get a customer :a young man and his beautiful companion. “Take us to moonlight hotel ,” says the man. It was a popular hot-spot for young people and particularly since today is Valentine’s Day, it was a must go place. He carries them and they race towards the hotel. 
Evening approaches. Tired but grateful, he heads towards his home. He makes a stop at one of the local clothing shops. He looks around and spots a nice pink dress. ‘I’d like to buy that one.’he tells the shopkeeper. ‘That’s two thousand shillings, “the shopkeeper replies. He quickly removes the amount from his wallet and the dress is bagged for him. He leaves the premises, crosses the road and enters the butchery. ‘2kg meat please ,’ he tells the butcher. The meat is chopped and he pays the man and now heads towards his home. Nothing matters to him more than his wife. He finally reaches home and a smile drew itself on his face. His wife was about to be surprised in a way that she has never seen. He parks the motorcycle next to the door, switches off the engine and removes the helmet. He rotates the doorknob and enters,with one hand holding the helmet and the other holding the dress and the 2kg meat. ‘Heyyy, I’m back,’ he shouts while holding the pretty dress with both hands for the wife to see. ‘Oh my God! You’re back! ” the wife was shocked, surprised :you name it. She breathed heavily as she scampared her hands to grab her clothing from their bed. “Who’s back.. ” Suddenly, another voice was heard from the kitchen. An elderly man emerged from the kitchen, bare chested, with a towel around his waist, holding a cup of hot coffee. He looked towards the door to see the husband. They looked at each other, clueless. The dress fell on the dirty ground followed by the meat. He clenched his helmet tightly and stared at both of them. His eyes were wide open and his face was written with all sorts of reactions: betrayal, anger, revenge…all in one. 

What he was about to do would forever change his fate.

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